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Angling at Dulrush Fishing Lodge

Fermanagh is renowned around the world for its famous fishing. The Lakelands, with more than 300 square miles of well-stocked water, are a paradise for anglers. Dulrush Fishing Lodge nestles comfortably amid this paradise!

Offering an abundance of Rivers and Loughs, our waters provide game anglers with opportunities to fish for wild brown trout, salmon and stocked brown and rainbow trout. The famous ferox, gillaroo and sonaghan are also found within these diverse waters.

Coarse anglers will also find some of Europe’s finest fishing opportunities. With an abundance of roach, bream and hybrids, as well as tench and perch. We are second to none on fly or more traditional pike fishing. This region offers every angler a whole range of wonderful opportunities.

There is close season for coarse fishermen. Our designated rainbow fisheries remaining open throughout the year. All this means game anglers can fish here for a full twelve months.

Dulrush Fishing Lodge offers visitors easy access to many popular fisheries, Loughs and rivers. The most well-known of which being Lough Melvin & Lough Erne.

Discover our Delightful Lakes….

Lough Erne

Consisting of the Upper (east of Enniskillen) Lough & the Lower Lough (running west to Belleek), Lough Erne is a mixed game and coarse fishery. We at Dulrush Fishing Lodge – which is situated on Lower Lough Erne’s banks – have a private jetty of our own here.

In the main, game angling takes place here on Lower Lough Erne, although you can find trout throughout the system. More than 25 miles long, the Lower Lough’s vast expanse of water features numerous bays and islands. These provide huge shallow water areas and rocky shores that make for perfect fishing grounds. Lower Lough Erne holds excellent stocks of fish, and the main quarry here are wild brown trout, although limited numbers of salmon also run the Lough.

Lower Lough Erne

The Lower Lough is also renowned for its mayfly fishing. Usually first seen in early to mid-May, the mayfly may continue right through to late June. Usual methods used include dry fly fishing or dapping with natural flies.

Upper Lough Erne

The Upper Lough is considered to be one of Europe’s foremost pike fishing lakes, with specimen fish weighing 20 to 30lbs commonly being caught.

While there is no closed pike fishing season, the bag limit is one pike a day and any fish exceeding a weight of 8.8lb (approx. 4kg) must be returned alive and unharmed to the water.

The best results can be achieved with spinners, lures or trolling dead bait from a boat.

 Lough Melvin

Sitting on Co. Fermanagh’s western end, just 4 km aweay from the Dulrush Fishing Lodge, Lough Melvin is one of the most famous loughs in Ireland. Home to three distinct trout species – the ferox, the sonaghan and the gillaroo – this Lough also enjoys runs of grilse and spring salmon. Fishing commences with the first salmons’ arrival in February. This carries on through the months with exquisite trout fishing through the entire season and grilse from May through to July. The most commonly used method for springers is trolling, but for the gillaroo, sonaghan and grilse, fly fishing is excellent.

There are a variety of regulations that apply to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  Click this link for more information – http://www.fishinginireland.info/regulations.htm

If you have any questions regarding fishing regulations on our island, prior to or during your stay please do not hesitate to ask us.