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Guests ask us all the time what are things to do in Fermanagh. That’s why we have a list of places of interest compiled in this section.

There are so many exciting, interesting and unique places of interest in Fermanagh and the surrounding areas. You could spend a great deal of time exploring all your options. We have very conveniently compiled a few experiences for our visitors, from history enthusiasts to foodie connoisseurs.

These lists are not extensive and there are so many amazing points of interest throughout the county. There are scenic drives on the Shore Road between Enniskillen and Belleek to leave your jaw dropped. There are crafting gems such as the Garden of Celtic Saints in Irvinestown. There are hidden walks and Game of Throne sites to leave you mesmerised by their beauty.

Yes, the natural surroundings of Fermanagh is something of a wonder.

There are lots of events and productions which take place in the beautiful Ardhowen Theatre and throughout the county.

For full listings of Fermanagh attractions, local sites and upcoming events visit Fermanagh Lakelands