sunset over basalt columns Giant's Causeway, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
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Fermanagh Local Attractions – Giant’s Causeway

Fermanagh Local Attractions – Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway, an area of around 40,000 curious, interlocking basalt columns, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Co. Antrim, around 94.1 miles north-east of Dulrush Fishing Lodge.

The Giant’s Causeway

Steeped in myths and legends, the Giant’s Causeway is a natural wonder created by ancient volcanic eruptions. Today, it is a popular attraction visited by millions of tourists from around the world. Some of the most popular, must-see sights here include the:

  • Grand Causeway, the largest of the three rock outcrops making up the Giant’s Causeway
  • Visitor Centre, an award-winning building where visitors can see animations of both the science and the stories of the Giant’s Causeway
  • Giant’s Boot, found along a small path heading into the sea in Port Noffer, this, the bay’s most renowned feature, is supposed to be a boot left behind by Finn McCool (the Causeway’s legendary creator) while fleeing from Scottish giant Benandonner
  • Wishing Chair, a natural throne formed by a perfectly arranged assortment of columns. This ‘throne’ has been sat on so frequently, it is now smooth, shiny and apparently exceptionally comfortable.
  • Camel, the most famous resident of Portnaboe. Said to have been Finn McCool’s camel – the only steed able to carry him home across vast distances while alive – that was turned to stone, this curious formation, a basaltic dyke, was formed by cooling lava as it pushed through layers of rock.
  • Shepherd’s Steps, not for the faint-hearted, these 167 steps are best experienced coming down the Red Trail along the top of the cliff.

Learn more about the Giant’s Gauseway and its secrets here.



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